Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blackout Contest!

This is like a black out contest to me because my computer is all black but I can still see and type it. The screen is killing me. I try to stay online as much as I can and this is what I get!

Even the view of here I can see that the screen is a bit sideway. It has moved to another side for some reason. Not sure how it happened.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Catchy grammar

One of the reasons I choose to name this blog. It is because my English was told to be very catchy. I mean the grammars. Yeah I know there is room for improvement.

Other than English, my other language is getting rusty as well. Namely the Malay Language.

First post

This is my first post and I name the blog Catchy Contest because I know this name is available. I was right when I click on adding the blog and I check whether this name is available. Yes its mine now!

I am so glad I have this blog and I know that I have many blogs to share with you with more than contest, giveaway, and more.