Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who likes to drink prune juice?

I told my friend about the SIY Contest, where you can win a box of it worth RM198. My friend told me that she not like to drink prune that is why she skipped the contest.

At first I do not know it taste like prune but after taking it, yeah its prune. I know everyone has a taste on everything but not everything that we will like. I have seen other packaging and brand, the bottle is much bigger! It will be even harder to drink it. As for SIY it is just a small bottle.

SIY is a slimming juice where you can slim down in ten days.

You will be having the item to poke it then a straw to suck the juice. But before that you need to shake the bottle first.

The contest has extend to 1st September, for more info just click on the link above.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Scorpio Beauty blog

I just start another blog and I try to do the header. LOL so tough but I recall I have this pictures taken.

It is nice but not the size I expected.

Scorpio Beauty Blog has a template that I just found. You like it?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to clean earrings?

I have some earrings and I kept them for sometimes. Anyone can tell me how to clean them? I find that one day I wroe them and my ears are itchy. :(

That is no good, the earrings are wore just a few times. I seldom put on earrings these days. I only put them up to avoid the blockage.

Not enough sleep huge acne on face

I am not getting enough sleep that is why I am getting dark circles and huge acne on both side of my face.

The acne is painful and they are on my cheek. I wonder why they grow on that spot.

Right now I am watching the Sandra Bullock in Congenetial 2. I know the spelling is wrong. I can't get it right.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mini haul and readings

Above is the mini haul I have got two weeks ago. I love reading the magazine and having the freebies too.

Well, the faux lashes and the one for nails are not included! I bought them!

Local Magazine do not have much freebies, even though there is you need to go there to collect. Usually ended up telling you it is out of stock!

The faux lashes and stuff for nails cost me like RM30.

Database error what to do?

I am so sad that two days I am not able to login my blog. It has database error and I do not know how to fix it.

The host is at school now so I need to wait her back to fix it. I hope she can help me out as I am no expert in hosting.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In love with DSK

I snap a few pictures of myself but none of them having a clear picture. Umm... must practice to snap!

You can view more jewelry at DSK!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Funny Face Contest/Giveaway

What can I say? What can I say?

Can't think of any just show off my tongue
Tongue like going left and right...
I sure love contest and above was the picture of me taken at Petrosains Malaysia. I sure look hilarious with the tougue out!

I am taking part in Funny Face Contest/Giveaway, you can take part too!

CONTEST ENDS: 31st August, 2009

  • You must be a follower of Funkiimonkee's Beauty Blog.

  • Post your funny face (just one pic per entry) as a post on your blog and mention about this contest with a link.

  • Leave a comment on this post and give me your name, email address & the link to your post on your blog.

  • It must be a funny face- no pretty faces sorry! As mentioned, the picture must be your own and not copied from a magazine, website etc.


  • Kit Cosmetics Nail Varnish and Lipgloss (Dream Run & Dream Catcher)
  • 3 pairs of cute hair clips
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21
  • Lancome Juicy Tube
  • Bourjois Lipstick "Trendy Rouge"
  • Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
  • 2 pairs of earrings (handmade with love by me!)
  • 3 x MAC Pigments (Gold Mode, Clear Sky Blue & French Violet)
  • Rimmel Black Kajal Eye Liner
  • Mini bottle of Manifique by Lancome
  • Covergirl Outlast Lipcolour in "Berry Sorbet"
If you like to take part just click on above link.

Good luck!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Volunteer Model for a day!

Anyone interested to become a model for a day? A blogger is in need of a volunteer model for a day!

For more info just click on the link. I am sure the blogger wants the blogger which is free for entire day! Who has got the camera face, please check out the blog to see if you are fit to become model for a day.

The day of model need is on 28 and 29 Aug, 2009!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bags I love

I need to snap some pictures of the bags I love, oh well, I need to do it soon. Now I am having the mask on so I cannot do anything as I am blogging too.

I won a bag and I need to show you too. Okay let me try grab the camera to show you the bag, I mean the tote.

My entry Sharlene's Contest

I am tired but I love contest so I am showing you my entry for Sharlene's Contest. I must say that I love the Arabic Style!







List of what I used to create this looked:
  1. Australis palette for blush
  2. Aubry Lip Duo for lipstick and lipliner
  3. Estee Lauder Projectionist mascara
  4. Estee Launder eyeliner 01 softmudge black
  5. Clinique derma white as based foudation
  6. Jewel eyecolor for eyes you can see the black dots :)
Create an Arabic Style Inspired Makeup. From what I noticed, when I google 'Arabic Style Makeup', They usually have flawless, porcelain-like skin, and really bright colors on the eyes yet it still looks smokey because of the heavy eyeliner on both the lashline and lower lashline.

Rules & Requirements:
·First of all you must be a member of blogger.
·You must be a follower of my blog.
·Post as an entry to your blog. Copy these rules onto your entry and link back to this post.
[To copy, highlight and then press ctrl+c, right click has been disabled]
·Take a picture of: Your face, one with your eyes opened and one closed. And a freestyle pose. ·Also include your inspirational photo, if any. Don't forget to list down and take a picture of the products you used.
·Send in your contest entry url as a comment to this post only [for organizational purposes].
All others will not be aknowledged, sorry!

August 31, 2009 11:59 PM Guam Time - That's about 3 weeks from now, so you have plenty of time.
Note: Guam time is advance a few hours from U.S.

Winner Selection:
There will be two winners, also open to international.
My boyfriend will help judge but the decision is still mine.
Your overall creativity, skills, techniques used as well as the ability to abide by the rules will be a factor in determining the winner. Props, Hair and Outfit is a plus : )

The Prizes:
The first place winner will get

3 Beauty From the Earth Multipurpose Minerals (In Aloha, Firecracker, Kou. Has been swatched), 4 NYX Pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow, 1 NYX Pressed Eyeshadow, 1 NYX Eyeshadow Trio, 1 M.A.C. Lipglass from the Holiday '08 Collection.

The second place winner will get

Purple and Black Houndstooth Print Bracelet and Earring set, 6 Eyeshadow Quads (No Brand), 2 NYX Pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow

1st Summer giveaway

1st picture (using it everyday)

2nd picture (favourite bags)

3rd picture (bag collection)

Edit: Photos of my bag collection, 3rd picture shows you the bag collection that I have got in my cupboard. I used them often but since the security here is not good I only use 2nd picture.

Lately found out that even having backpack is not safe any more I decide to go with 1st picture. It can be hide under you long tee. No kidding I am using this everyday!

I sure love giveaway and I am taking part in 1st Summer giveaway. You can take part too. Contest is held at

Prize #1 (with flash)
Prize #2 (with flash)

Hi dears.. I've decided to have 2 winners so these are the prizes... This contest is mainly for sharing photos. Join in have fun!!

There are 3 rules to take part in my giveaway contest:

1) U must be one of my followers ("click follow" now if u are not one) in my blog & twitter, share this giveaway news in your blog to your rest of your followers and add a link to my blog (compulsory!) Leave me a comment under this post indicating
A) Your name
B) Your Blog URL
C) Entry URL
D)Which prize u wish to have #1 or #2?

2) As u guys know i love Bags, so show me 2 pictures of your whole bag collections and 1 photo of your favorite bag/purse (u wish or own) with a short description why u like it the most in your blog.. (oh i can't wait to see your bag collection ladies out there)

3) A short description about what's your first impression of me when u first read my blog and guess my age? Be it a good or bad comment just tell me how you feel about me and i would like to see if i seriously need any anti age skincare. LOL (i am all ready with a pack of tissue just for sobbing). LOL

Contest ends: 31st August
, 12MN Singapore time (UTC/GMT +8 HOURS)
Winners will be inform via your blog and my blog



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slow internet connection over here!

My internet is so slow today and even checking email will takes time. I am tired and I can see the haze outside. It is hot day and I will go take my second shower soon.

Can anyone share with me where do you save your photos?

Do you think it is save at photo bucket?

My entry for All Things Girly

As you know I am beginner in makeup and I take this time to take part in All Things Girly. It is fun contest and I choose Japan as the country and I am looking like Geisha!

When I think of Japan, I think Geisha, they are so beautiful. The look inspired by country, is the topic of the contest.





Let me know what you think.

Anyway contest ends on 7 Aug, 2009.

There will be three winners for the contest, hurry up take part now!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love my blogs