Thursday, July 30, 2009

25% off every purchase only from

Eyeko has become one of my favourite product as I love using the Eyeko cream!

Now you get the chance to try them if you have not purchase any from Eyeko.

25% off do not come by everyday!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forgot my blog

I love blogging and I just remember that I forgot about my new blog. I won it from contest and I neglect it, how could I.

Now I am heading there to blog. If you have do have a visit to my new blog.

See ya!

Cannot believe my eyes seeing 22 spam comments!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Giveaway by kamyarakay

As you know I love giveaway and here I am to take part in First Giveaway by kamyarakay.

you have time until the 11th of august 8pm (german time). The winner will be drawn at random by moi. If more than 10 people take place then I'll add some more goodies for you!

How did you start to love makeup/a beauty relation?

I love contest and giveaway, frankly speaking I have never take part in any makeup or cosmetics related giveaway until recently. The first contest I taken part was Ninja Contest by Comfifi. I have also taken part in Fish Inspiration Contest by Darling V. I am sure nobody can forget the Once A MAC Collection contest. As a beginner I have not won any contest or giveaway related to makeup/a beauty relation.

I have bought many magazines and never get interest into checking out the cosmetics until recently. It is incredible on how much changes I have got and learning make up. Hey, this is my new interest in life and I love it!

I have started blogging for a while and with many blogs you can never find a picture of me. But with this blog, you are seeing so many of ME. Many pictures with different look in contest which I have taken part.

So happy to have met blogger on blogsphere which share the same interest. Learning mix and match the eyeshadow is so much fun! I know there is so much to learn, recently I manage to put on faux eyelashes. YAY!

Above is how I start to love makeup/ a beauty relation. :)

PK 108 ( Pink polish )
RD 301 ( Red polish )
OR 203 ( Orange polish )
YL 702 ( Yellow polish )
GL 111 ( Gold polish )
GR 501 ( Lime Green polish )
BL 603 ( Blue polish )
BL 604 ( Dark Blue polish )
PP 408 ( Purple polish )
WH 002 ( White polish )
All the nail polishes by TheFaceShop All the products absolutely new!!! I've got it specially as a the prize for YOU!

Here is the rules:
1) This is international open!
2) You must be a follower on my blog! If you not yet, start follow right now! It's OK!
3) You must tell me your story about " How did you start to love makeup/a beauty relation? " May be you had an inspiration by anything/anybody, just tell me your story!
4) The winner will be the one who tells the most interesting story, I'll be judge by myself! I hope you trust me :P
5) Only one lucky person can get the Rainbow prize!
It starts right now and will be completely end on 21 August at 10:00 PM Seoul time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Banana pancake!

I love to eat and I am having banana pancake. Wish I can snap a picture of it but my cell phone just full of pictures.

Now if you thinking what to do with those banana riped just make use of them to bake banana pancake!

They are delicious!

Monday, July 20, 2009

2 drinks and one roti canai, how much?

I like to tell you that this morning I have Teh Ice and one roti Canai and my friend got Coffee Ice. It cost $3.80!

We have the breakfast at Carrefour because she was going to the Post Office but they are not open yet. If you wonder what time the Post Office open, the operating hours is 9.30am to 8pm!

I thought they are open as early as 8.30am.

Flower Power Contest

Above is picture of inspiration!








What I used to get this looked?


  • The palette is called Australis and black dots are the eyeshadows
  • Smaller palette is called ORma Germany and black dot is the eyeshadows
  • Silky Girl lipliner 03 Rose
  • Lipstick Sariayu Gold- Vermillion kiss
  • Lipstick Rimmel London-Rich Raisin
  • Perfect coverage twins concealer
  • Silky Girl Funky Eyelights Pencil 01 Olive Green
  • Clinique derma white as makeup primer
As beginner in makeup I am taking part in Flower Power Contest. Denise is having this contest at her labels and love blog.

1.) You must be a follower in my blog
2.) Post a picture of your inspiration and the actual look. (A full face and a close up)
3.) List all the products that was used.
4.) The post has to be a new post, you can’t repost any old pictures from your blog.
5.) You need to post my giveaway in your blog including the link to this post.
6.) Write in the comment portion the link to where you have reposted my contest.
7.) If you win you must give me an email address where I can contact you.
- This contest is open to anyone in the world.
-Contest will end on July 25, 2009

the goodies!

-Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge
-OPI BRIGHT PAIR mini pack
colors: A Grape Fit!, Shorts Story, On the Same Paige and RapiDry Top Coat
-Red Cherry Lashes #20, #28
-Mac Pink Pearl sample pigment
-Italian Badger small handle blush brush (comparable to Mac SH 129)
-Forever 21 flower headband & earing

Don't just read here go ahead and take part now.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gucci cosmetic bag giveaway

I love giveaway and I bet you like it too. It is time I take part in Gucci cosmetic bag giveaway. Giveaway is held at Notes from the Toothfairy.


To celebrate the upcoming 2nd month anniversary of Notes from the Toothfairy on 23/07, I'm holding this giveaway. It's a small Gucci cosmetic bag in black, that fits perfectly in your bag!

How to enter:
1) Leave a comment, containing your name, email and a question for me. Any question is allowed.
2) I know you want to keep it for yourself, to enhance the winning chance, but Spread the word, blog about it! Feel free to use the picture above!
3) Optional, become a follower. Only if you like the blog and find it worth to follow. I'd rather have readers than "followers".

The giveaway is open to everyone. Everyone has equal chance to win. It starts now and the last day to subscribe will be sunday, 08/02. Giving all of you 2 weeks to enter.

The winner will be randomly drawn from all contestants.

Good luck!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Eyeko VIP Set

I am sure you heard a lot about Eyeko, if you have not you can click on the banner to find out.

Eyeko Cosmetics

Now they are having a good sales where you can grab the Eyeko VIP Set with US$41. Consider it a good deal because you are paying less, don't believe me? Just go ahead and browse the items in the shop.

I am sure you can't find a good deal with like that. This will be great present for you girl friend.

You can shop the Eyeko VIP set now as it is only valid for a day *while stock last*.

Free shipping to worldwide, don't forget the

Eyeko Embassador Code:

which entitled you to received free gift.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Giveaway open to US only!

How's everyone today? I just posted a giveaway at shopping blog. I am so excited to inform you that it is open to US only.

So this is your chance to take part and win it!

Good luck!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

Now I am watching Michael Jackson's Memorial Service at channel 119, this morning I heard over the radio his little gal's voice. She is 11 years old and she loves her papa!

Michael Jackson eulogised at a massive memorial service at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

I love his songs "We Are the World", many of his songs are so meaningful.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Giveaway by Makeup JUNKE

I love giveaway and there is one which you can take part on giveaway by Makeup JUNKE. Please take note that giveaway ends on 19 July, 2009.


1) Give away ends July 19th at 8:00 pm California time.
2) There has to be at least 3 entry for me to do this give away.
3) Must be a follower to join. If your not a follower just "click" follow and your good to go.
4) Re-post this on your page with a link.
5) To enter in give away, just click on comment and comment me your answer.
6) Tell me something funny or embarrassing that had happened to you.

Prize: One lucky subscriber will get these:

1) POP Beauty Blue Eyes palette with eyeshadow brush
2) Stila contouring trio
3) Revlon Soft on the Eyes loose pigment eyeshadow
4) Jane pure mineral gel eyeliner in Navy
5) Stila lip glaze in Fig
6) Stila liquid lip color in Sheen
7) Amuse shimmer duster in blue and orange
8) NYX double cross eyelashes
9) Ever Lash
10) NYX lip stick in Creamy Beige
11) Ulta blush in Girlie
12) Giovi baked eyeshadow

This giveaway is held at Makeup JUNKE! For more info just click on the link above!

Good luck!

Terrible stomach pain

Today is my first day of period and having bad pain. Not sure why this happened, I don't have feeling terrible pain before.

Anyway I need to get to bed soon. Hope I have good sleep as mosquitoes are disturbing me.

If you have time read a story Heart Random at my wordpress story. If you find that I am worthy winner, don't forget to vote.

Many blogs but not many friends.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Wordpress Story

I like to tell you that I am one of the finalist in wordpress contest. They are stories to read at My Wordpress Story, go ahead to read them all.

Don't forget to read mine Heart Random. If you like mine and find it worthy winner.

Please vote Heart Random.

I do not have many friends on blogsphere even though I have many blogs.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baby Ibu Giveaway

If you love commenting it is time to take part in Baby Ibu Giveaway. All you need to do is become Top Commentator for the month of July.

This giveaway is held at Baby Ibu blog, so what is the prize you going to win? Something from US!

Contest ends on 31 July, 2009.

For more info just click on the link above!