Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How did you start to love makeup/a beauty relation?

I love contest and giveaway, frankly speaking I have never take part in any makeup or cosmetics related giveaway until recently. The first contest I taken part was Ninja Contest by Comfifi. I have also taken part in Fish Inspiration Contest by Darling V. I am sure nobody can forget the Once A MAC Collection contest. As a beginner I have not won any contest or giveaway related to makeup/a beauty relation.

I have bought many magazines and never get interest into checking out the cosmetics until recently. It is incredible on how much changes I have got and learning make up. Hey, this is my new interest in life and I love it!

I have started blogging for a while and with many blogs you can never find a picture of me. But with this blog, you are seeing so many of ME. Many pictures with different look in contest which I have taken part.

So happy to have met blogger on blogsphere which share the same interest. Learning mix and match the eyeshadow is so much fun! I know there is so much to learn, recently I manage to put on faux eyelashes. YAY!

Above is how I start to love makeup/ a beauty relation. :)

PK 108 ( Pink polish )
RD 301 ( Red polish )
OR 203 ( Orange polish )
YL 702 ( Yellow polish )
GL 111 ( Gold polish )
GR 501 ( Lime Green polish )
BL 603 ( Blue polish )
BL 604 ( Dark Blue polish )
PP 408 ( Purple polish )
WH 002 ( White polish )
All the nail polishes by TheFaceShop All the products absolutely new!!! I've got it specially as a the prize for YOU!

Here is the rules:
1) This is international open!
2) You must be a follower on my blog! If you not yet, start follow right now! It's OK!
3) You must tell me your story about " How did you start to love makeup/a beauty relation? " May be you had an inspiration by anything/anybody, just tell me your story!
4) The winner will be the one who tells the most interesting story, I'll be judge by myself! I hope you trust me :P
5) Only one lucky person can get the Rainbow prize!
It starts right now and will be completely end on 21 August at 10:00 PM Seoul time!


  1. Hey, Sherry! Thanq so much for your entry! It was intresting to read!
    Wish you good luck!

  2. hi Anastacia, thank you for giving this giveaway :).


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