Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Topup cell phone

I want to tell you that later I am going up as need to top up cell phone. It is going to be $60 for two months. Sometimes I need to top up earlier as my account has not enough credits.

I prefer to have prepaid because it is easy to manage and I do not have to wait for the phone bill. I know that there is Maxis with 3G free phone well there is terms and conditions of it. You have got to pay for $370 every month for two years. That is way too long for me and this price can already buy me something else.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No money No talk

Yeah this is life if you have no money no talk! I am not kidding that's what happened when you go to a nice boutique and you saw very nice things but you have no money to buy at all. The sales assistant will be there but not to assist you but watching you.

I do not want to talk about money but it is the fact that in life if you have no money you cannot do many things. Where are you going to get electricity and water if you do not settle the bill?