Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to clean earrings?

I have some earrings and I kept them for sometimes. Anyone can tell me how to clean them? I find that one day I wroe them and my ears are itchy. :(

That is no good, the earrings are wore just a few times. I seldom put on earrings these days. I only put them up to avoid the blockage.


  1. it depends on what material its made of hun, if its made of silver you can buy a silver cleaner out there...

    most of the time i clean my earrings by mixing a mixture of water & dishwashing soap (just a mild one)..then ill put my earrings on it, swirling the soap water so that the dirt & grime can be removed..or just leave it for a couple of minutes...just a couple..not too long..then id use a soft toothbrush to lightly brush them then rinse it on running water.

    then i wipe it dry with clean cloth & voila! clean earrings!

  2. thank you Thiamere :) hehe.. :)



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