Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Summer giveaway

1st picture (using it everyday)

2nd picture (favourite bags)

3rd picture (bag collection)

Edit: Photos of my bag collection, 3rd picture shows you the bag collection that I have got in my cupboard. I used them often but since the security here is not good I only use 2nd picture.

Lately found out that even having backpack is not safe any more I decide to go with 1st picture. It can be hide under you long tee. No kidding I am using this everyday!

I sure love giveaway and I am taking part in 1st Summer giveaway. You can take part too. Contest is held at http://summerdarling13.blogspot.com

Prize #1 (with flash)
Prize #2 (with flash)

Hi dears.. I've decided to have 2 winners so these are the prizes... This contest is mainly for sharing photos. Join in have fun!!

There are 3 rules to take part in my giveaway contest:

1) U must be one of my followers ("click follow" now if u are not one) in my blog & twitter, share this giveaway news in your blog to your rest of your followers and add a link to my blog (compulsory!) Leave me a comment under this post indicating
A) Your name
B) Your Blog URL
C) Entry URL
D)Which prize u wish to have #1 or #2?

2) As u guys know i love Bags, so show me 2 pictures of your whole bag collections and 1 photo of your favorite bag/purse (u wish or own) with a short description why u like it the most in your blog.. (oh i can't wait to see your bag collection ladies out there)

3) A short description about what's your first impression of me when u first read my blog and guess my age? Be it a good or bad comment just tell me how you feel about me and i would like to see if i seriously need any anti age skincare. LOL (i am all ready with a pack of tissue just for sobbing). LOL

Contest ends: 31st August
, 12MN Singapore time (UTC/GMT +8 HOURS)
Winners will be inform via your blog and my blog




  1. Hi dear..thanks so much in participating in my giveaway..i cant wait to see your bags/pouch/wallet collections and a small description of the first impression about me...

  2. rem to indicate which prize u would like to own. prize #1 or #2..good luck

  3. thanks hope over to comment :)

    oh bags.. need snap pic


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