Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who care?

It is sad to see that my friend is not interested to know my situation and keep asking me to attend the seminar of their talk. Since they are couple they are able to achieve of going for paid trips which are free last year they went to Japan and Canada.

Next month they are going to Las Vegas, tonight they have a talk at the centre which is far away from here. It could take more than 30 minutes to reach due to the traffic after working hour. I am not going because I have no interest in any talk at the moment.

My grandpa is lying in the hospital in Australia where I cannot reach him. He is coma due to stroke, deeply feel sad and hope there is miracle. I told my friend about this by sms apparently they replied me ic which is mean I see.

I am happy they are going to the talk and able to talk infront of the crowd. Of course they will do anything to lure you to come. Sorry to say that I have no interest with the mood I am having. How can you have fun when your loved one is ill.

I am feeling emotional and nobody understand me.

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