Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fake corns@Cameron Highlands

I seldom eat corns and it is my second time to eat corns just like that yeah there is no need to cook or boil it with soup. You can just eat like that of course you need to wash it first. The Cameron Highlands selling the sweet corns and there is fake one because it is from Ipoh. The front and back part of the corn will be chop off, beware that is the fake one! The picture you looking at is real corns and you can see the front and back part of corn still intact.

Corns from Cameron Highlands can last for two weeks if you put in fridge. The sellers at the morning market is very kind to give you fruit and corn testing you can just eat there then if you are satisfied you can purchase on the spot. I miss out buying the strawberry as I thought my friend is going to purchase cheap one, he did purchase for his family members but he miss out my part. :(

Next time at Cameron Highlands I will purchase what I need on the spot don't wait until next stop because there is no parking meaning no chance to buy at all.

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