Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top coat and based coat nail polish from Daiso

I don't know that the top coat nail polish made in Taiwan until I flipped to snap picture of it.

This is the top coat for man!

I have the top coat and based coat nail polish.

I bought them from Daiso, IOI Mall Puchong. Do you know that I love the silver bottle of top coat?

Open your eyes as the top coat is for man not for woman!

I don't mind using the top coat which is for man, since I bought it I started using it. Maybe it can help to make my nails stronger.

My nails are soft, I remember when I was schooling I have coloured them in red. The school not allow children to have any colour nail polish. I took the pocket knife to remove the colour from my nails. Maybe that is how my nails turn out so soft. That is one reason I am not able to grow them long they can easily break. I was worry get caught by the perfects as every morning they will sport check your finger nails.


  1. awww...
    im sorry about your nails always chipping.

    when you buff your nails, lightly buff the top too, so that the edge of your nail won't be too think & won't have rough edge to prevent it from chipping.

    When you are growing your nails, apply the top coat every other day to protect your nails from chipping. Don't apply polish yet. Let them grow first until they are long & strong enough. I have soft nails before too. But now they're stronger & harder already..

    When you apply a coat/polish, make sure you apply some on the edge of your nails so that the edge of your nails will be protected from banging it & further damage.

    Try to take in as much zinc as you can, you can just take a vitamin supplement. It makes the nails/hair stronger!


    Hope my little tips will help you,girl!

  2. hi thiamere, :) thanks for the advice :)

    as long I don't keep them long, its not so easily break.


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