Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What you do with nasty comment?

I was checking email just now and saw a comment for my other. Apparently this person by the name of PekPek, I am not sure if this name exist, leave a comment at my other blog about my hand/nails. Below is the comment, so how will you reply to PekPek?

are you a boy? you're hand look odd. eeeww


  1. awww..
    im sorry about that nasty comments. Someone once left me a comment that goes like "you should write your blog post without elipses" & telling me that my paragraph construction is bad or something like..

    don't let it get to you,hun

    just keep on smiling. it only shows that your blog is popular. we know we can't please anybody.

  2. thank you sis.

    it is true we can't please anybody.


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