Friday, July 2, 2010

Google Adsence not working for me?

I have the Google Adsence on most of my blogs but I don't see any earning there. Am I doing something wrong, I usually use sign in and add the code of ads to side bar. Is that all you do? I am having thought to remove GA from my blogs.

Off topic, now serious I just find a fat pic of me, I mean the fat side of me. It's not funny anymore because the acne is so obvious. I have got like double chin from my mom's side.


  1. awww... im sorry about your acne,hun
    looks like you haven't found the product that works for you

    usually no one clicks the adsense anymore so it's hard to earn using the adsense,ne?

  2. hi si thiamere this old pic of me. taken 5 months back.

    but still the little pimples I still got it.


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