Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do you use cotton with toner?

I like to know if you use cotton with toner for your face, I am using it three times a day. Usually I used it after washed my face, after that I apply moisturiser.

My friend is not using any cotton with toner she uses her hand only. How about you?

Currently I am using Avon toner. I tried another brand and I find that the toner making my face itchy, should I continue use another brand?


  1. of course i use cotton..
    i actually prefer to use cotton pad for its flat & can cover more. Toner is a liquid & it can take away dirt too, while prepping the skin ,so the dirt sticks to the cotton & away from your face.

    I suggest you change your toner,girl. if any brand makes your face itchy it means it doesn't suit you. hope you find the perfect toner!

  2. thanks sis :) my other friend tell me can continue as its making your skin suitable to use


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