Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inna's Wishful Thinking

I love blogging and know bloggers from blogsphere. I know some bloggers are parents too, today I like you to check out Inna's Wishful Thinking. This is a blog where Rosa created for her little girl, you can see many pictures of her at the blog. This coming November 19 next month is going to be Inna's birthday, is there going to be a Birthday party?

Little Inna is so cute, she has got curly hair and look at her pictures can make you smile. There are many funny faces of her at the blog, this blog is for her so you see left bar and right bar are full of pictures of her. Rosa and Inna have got favourite colour, I think they really like pink and yellow. Look at their pictures of them are in yellow or pink clothes.

If you are a mama yourself, I am sure you like to visit her blog to share your experience on caring a child. I think Rosa is a WAHM busy taking care of her home and her blogs. I read that she is looking for apartment, hope to read her update soon about the place.

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