Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monk in the family

My sister has found the love of her life that is become a monk. There is a blog wishing her which I created. My family indeed very sad that she is becoming one, she is still in the training to become one.

A year ago my sister told me that she won a lucky draw as she answered the quiz correctly. She expects to get the Prize on stage in Taiwan where she follow many followers to go there because of her master there. She never get her name called up and she waited to know what is her prize.

Months later she told me that she is becoming a monk, she does not want to tell why and how she make such decision. She is older than me and should know better than me what is right and wrong. My parents are not happy and even my family members. Nobody can change her mind, she has make the decision.

She told us everything is free there but now everything need money except for her stay and food. What she used at temple will need to pay for it, even the registration for things she wants to do.

Becoming a monk is the Prize for her! She is not alone as three others were chosen! Every month I need to go give her money to spend, it is not little but to me it is quite a lot of money.

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