Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DSK Giveaway

I like giveaway and I am taking part in DSK Giveaway, you can take part too. This is great giveaway where you stand the chance to win Prizes.

*You can win if you're a follower of DSK Jewelry blog, haha following my personal blog doesn't hurt either =P

Starfish/Small Heart Linked Bracelet

* You own a piece of DSK, haha jk! But not gonna lie I might be bias! So place your orders before the giveaway ends. :P LOL But you might own a piece soon if you win!!

Clear AB Heart Set
* You MUST advertise this giveaway on your blog with a picture of you sporting a piece by DSK, and doing the peace sign!! (if you don't own DSK, why not? lol)

* I need you girls to answer a few questions for me in this comment, your favorites...!

Chom Chom Style Necklace

More rules at the bottom!!!

Midas Necklace


1. What is your favorite food?
Fried Noodle

2. What is your favorite beauty product that you can't live without!!?

3. What is the song that defines you, what is your favorite song of all time that could be the soundtrack to your life?? Will you be willing to email me this song (mp3)? :)
Amagedon *I know spelling wrong :(*

4. What is your favorite magazine of allllll time?!

5. What is camera you use to take all your pictures for blog? ^_~

6. What is your favorite color??!

7. What is your favorite piece by DSK (post a picture (on your blog) sporting DSK Bling if you have some!)?!!! ^^

8. What is your favorite casino game!!?
Slot machine

9. If you had to pick just one, would it be Gucci, LV, or Prada?

10. Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. =P
I am contest geek as I love contest!

11. Workout tips!! Your favorite work out tips, I gotta get fit!!

12. Tell me your workout routine if it exists! LOL
Wake up and blog..haha...

13. If you had to pic between an LV Damier Azur Speedy in 25, 30, and 35, which would you pick and why?
honestly I have no idea

14. What would you name your future baby boy?

15. What would you name your future baby girl? LOL, I am so weird >.<

I am sure you like what you see! Giveaway has started and to take part just click on the link above.

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