Friday, June 26, 2009

Loving my eyeko!

I just got the parcel few days ago, I am loving this! I am not kidding I used it for the contest I taken part.

This is a must have in my list, the eyeko cream!


  1. wow. you have so many blogs. that's great though. lots of things to read. :) i've been hearing about the eyeko cream. i wonder what it's for though. :)

    yeah, it's sad to hear of mj's sudden death.

    take care and thanks again for visiting me. :)

  2. i so love eyeko cream too! :)

    hi sherry! you always visit my blog. THANK YOU!!! and also for dropping comments!


  3. It sounds like you definately love that cream! We don't have that here...

  4. hi Jannie,yeah I love blogging.

    hi Nehs, love checking your blog update :)

    hi Rin, its not available in Malaysia too.

  5. thanks for checking my blog,girl!

    i wanted to try eyeko..bu for some reason whenever i do online shopping it always seems like i skip on eyeko..

    i'll try to keep in mind about it


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